Intensive lessons for athletes from Scotland and Germany. A sporting festival and an unusual showcase for the area.

Eco-tourism, sports, discovery of the territory and so, so much golf.

With the first "Golf Clinic in Salento", the Acaya Golf Resort & Spa has once again demonstrated that all factors indicate for all the right reasons that this is one of the best examples in the world of the perfect balance between nature and function, with a golf course specifically designed to create a total symbiosis between a challenging terrain and the sport, allowing golfers - both professional and amateurs - to use every club in their golf bag.

The remodeling and redesign of the golf course has been carried out by Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry, real authorities in the eco-sustainable design of "green" golf courses. The result of their work is widely recognized by experts for practicality and respect for the environment.

The natural landscape, with its greenery and its ancient olive trees, remains undisturbed. It is a pleasure to play in this picturesque of green and harmony, and if all this is accompanied by a mild climate and a context of hospitality and professionalism, then it is of and by itself a grand success, the first "Golf Clinic in Salento" that was organized last November.

But let's go in order. The story deserves all the readers' attention because the experience that has just ended at Acaya and that will be repeated in the near future is that of bringing together the many facets of sport, such as relaxation, fun, and nature. In a single word: emotion. The same emotion envisioned by the protagonists who foresaw the full immersion into the universe of golf.

Players from Scotland and Germany – in all over forty people - accompanied by their instructors, arrived to the small realm of Acaya to participate in serious and intense study. Short play, long play, the swing, back-spin, side-spin, chips, fade, etc.: In these unusual lessons the golfers were able to correct defects and refine their technique under the supervision of authoritative coaches.

It wasn’t just practice.

Between sessions devoted to theory and concept to be put into practice, players were given moments of pure relaxation in the wonderful SPA affiliated with the resort structure that is part of the renowned JSH Hotels & Resorts.

Not to be missed were the delicacies enjoyed in the renewed Masseria San Pietro, a culinary haven of peace close to the greens, a temple of genuine health.

"Participating in such a Golf Clinic,” said Sara Bonechi, Sales Manager at Acaya Golf Resort & Spa, “allows players to perfect their technique on an unusual course, and at the same time come to know our services and of course the territory. The event, which will be repeated in April and then again next November, brings together both sports and leisure. It is a kind of opportunity in which instructors and players experience not only the workout experience but, at the same time, relax and have fun together. In addition to the beauty of the location, it must be emphasized how close the location is to spectacles of undeniable interest, from Lecce continuing to the Cesine, Otranto and other places rich in art and history. With all that the Salento territory provides, once the golf bag is laid down, nothing stops the participants from enjoyng these wonders with special trips that we ourselves plan for our regular guests."

The impeccable organization of the JSH Hotels Collection makes a perfect pairing with the Acaya Golf Resort & Spa.

"The athletes who were here in November”, added the Golf Manager Giuliano Vestito, “certainly enjoyed their stay. They were literally fascinated by the course, one of the world's most impressive, and of course everything else: The climate, environment, cuisine, and territory. I'm sure they will repeat the experience in the future and it will be a pleasure for us to continue on this path that combines both sport and relaxation according to an original formula. "

Not only the Golf Clinic attracts serious golfers, the Acaya course is being prepared for another important appointment to be marked on the calendar: The International Amateur Golf Championship.

"It will be held in March,” explains Claudio Oliva, the General Manager of JSHHotels & Resorts, “and it is an important showcase for the amateur world of golf, open to athletes from all over the world. The match, in addition to its purely sporting aspect, is also interesting for the promotion of both our resort and the territory itself."



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