By starred chef Andrea Ribaldone

Since 2014, Michelin-starred chef Andre Ribaldone has designed the menus and food concept of JSH hotels and Resorts. It is a notably fitting collaboration that has made the restaurants a beacon of excellence among the services of the hotels of the group. He is a real natural talent, and in 2018, after having been awarded the "Best Performance Of The Year" award for the new Osteria Arborina restaurant in La Morra (Cuneo) by the Guide de l'Espresso dei Ristoranti d'Italia, and in 2018 the "Novelty of the Year" award with the gourmet restaurant Due Camini of Borgo Egnazia in Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi), and he obtained the coveted Michelin Star, after only nine months from the opening of Osteria Arborina in the Langhe. It is the third time that Chef Andrea Ribaldone obtained the coveted Michelin Star.

He was born in Milan, and adopted by Piedmont, Andrea Ribaldone has a double virtue: that of being a tireless worker and an extremely skilled team coordinator, this double value is rarer than it seems. It grows in the kitchens of Riccardo Aiachini, founder of the restaurant La Fermata di Alessandria, which he considers the masterpiece of his life and work. He has always been convinced that to get to do what you really want, the road is never straight: you must above all get involved, even doing what is not strictly your own responsibility, with work hard and enthusiasm. The results are consequential, step by step. He worked in the kitchens of the Lucas Carton restaurant of the famous chef Alain Senderens, and in 2003 he began appearing in the main culinary guides. In 2012, he was the Executive Chef of Eataly Tokyo, an experience that made him grow and made a deep impression on him. In 2012, he founded Salvatore Iandolino ARCO srl, a management company in the restaurant industry and, in 2014, opened I Due Buoi in Alessandria, which appeared immediately in the guides. In 2015, the Identità Expo San Pellegrino restaurant was run throughout Milan Expo in collaboration with Magenta Bureau, the company holding the Identità Golose brand, founded by Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni. In January 2017 he left the restaurant I Due Buoi and in mid-March 2017 he opened his new gastronomic restaurant, Osteria Arborina. In the culinary vision of Chef Ribaldone interpretation of the territory and experimentation of new combinations are in perfect balance; high quality ingredients and respect for seasonality are the inspiring principles of all the dishes proposed in the menu of Andrea Ribaldone, in addition to timely research in the preparations, technique and, together, creativity and experimentation. The chef defines his "solar" kitchen where the visual, aromatic, gustatory and textural elements awaken new sensations and discoveries.


Inside the Hotels

Michelin-starred Chef Andrea Ribaldone manages and organizes the kitchens of all the facilities that belong to the JSH Hotels & Resort group always with the same principle: a cuisine that enhances local products, which respect to the seasonality of the fresh ingredients and the Italian gastronomy tradition.



Third prestigious award for our chef Andrea Ribaldone

A Michelin Star

It is definitely the year of chef Andrea Ribaldone. After having seen the award “Best performance of the year” from the Guide de l’Espresso dei Ristoranti d’Italia 2018 with its new gastronomic restaurant Osteria Arborina of La Morra (Cuneo) and the “News of the Year” award with the gourmet restaurant Due Camini of Borgo Egnazia in Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi), the chef Andrea Ribaldone obtained the coveted Michelin Star, after only nine months after the opening of Osteria Arborina in the Langhe. It is the third time that chef Andrea Ribaldone has obtained the Michelin Star previously assigned in 2003 to La Fermata with his partner Riccardo Aiachini and in 2015 to I Due Buoi, both in Alessandria

Food News

New sea-view flavors

The Beach Restaurant at Golf Hotel Punta Ala focuses on quality, fortifying the philosophy of "Fresh, Italian and Simple" together with Chef Mauro Ridolfi. In the beautiful private beach of the resort, the Beach Restaurant delights with lunches of fish, aperitifs and dinners in the name of freshness while admiring the spectacular sunset, with the sun going down on the sea with the Island of Elba in the background. The Beach Bar offers rich breakfasts, ice creams, fresh fruit, fruit salads and fresh squeezed juices, while the pizzeria with a wood oven and salad bar offers tasty pizzas and salads for lunch. Territoriality and genuineness of food are a real must here, with only local vegetables from Tenuta La Manola and the fish of the day chosen by the chef directly from small boats that have just returned from the sea. The Beach Restaurant also offers an excellent selection of wines and tasty options for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Fresh, Italian and Simple
A kitchen that you do not expect

A kitchen that you do not expect. At least in a hotel... Instead, this is where culinary art and gourmet delicacies come into the hotel, with the freshest local materials and seasonal ingredients, expertly enhanced, defined, and translated into irresistible dishes. All JSH restaurants follow the philosophy of "Fresh, Italian and Simple" as desired by chef Andrea Ribaldone. An innovative approach in the hotel universe: culinary art and gourmet finesse enter the hotel with proposals that start from local fresh materials and fresh seasonal ingredients, expertly enhanced, defined, and translated into dishes irresistible in taste and appearance. An all-Italian culinary excellence that takes on even more value - and taste! - as it starts from the territory, extraordinary locations and the millenary culture of Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna.

Seeds and roots

What you love most. You can have it.

Taste new flavors, play golf, relax in a SPA by Clarins, organize an event, spend time with your family, lie in the sun in wonderful beaches. What you love most, you can have it. Enter and transform a simple stay into a real experience.

By starred chef Andrea Ribaldone
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